Why join a union?

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Image group: Bicycle courier, truck driver, call centre worker, warehouse workers

A collective agreement gives you a say in your rights, your wages and your safety.

4.5 million workers have made the choice to join a union. Together we are strong!


Unionized workers make $5.11 per hour more than non-union workers. Collective bargaining ensures your wages get increased regularly.


Almost 20% more unionized workers have benefits like drug, vision and dental plans than non-union workers.


Approximately 48% more unionized workers have a pension plan than non-union workers.


Research shows unionized workplaces tend to report higher compliance with health and safety legislation than non-union workplaces. Union contracts can also have health and safety clauses that are above minimum standards.


Unionized workers have protection against arbitrary decisions by bad bosses. through the grievance-arbitration system, workers can challenge decisions that violate their contract.


Many union contracts have seniority provisions, which ensure fairness rather than favouritism when it comes to hours of work, overtime, vacation schedules and job postings.

Job security

Union contracts have protection against unjust dismissal.


Union contracts help protect against discrimination and harassment. This helps create a positive working environment for everyone.

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